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Benefits Of Using A Visitor Management System You have to be alert all the time because whether you like it or not, fellow visitors at your place could be a threat under various circumstances. The main question here is that, how you will be able to protect your place from the unwanted visitors and are you certain enough that the place you live or work is protected? There are many questions that can be thrown but the answer is only one. This could be resolved by making use of technology in form of visitor management system. You may be shocked to know that an electronic equipment can replace manual process. Well, focusing on technical part, the visitor management system is actually based on a “no human touch” technology. In other words, for the person’s enrolment to take place, there is no need for them to touch the device and instead, they only have to stand in front of it.
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Once done, it will capture the image of the person and is going to electronically store it in the database. In the person’s revisit, he/she will have to stand in front of the device again and it will capture the image. It’ll then perform a matching process between new patterns and the stored patterns from its database. It will grant permission if it gets a match.
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Thus, the system is based on facial recognition technology because it is providing authentication by way of analyzing the person’s face. Through this, it can manage the work of the manual security guards and can replace the paper register system with such technology. This functions like a virtual escort to all visitors that your place gets. One can set different priority levels which will depend upon visitors with a visitor management system. And for some reasons that someone is not expected to your premises, you can set the priority to low. The system will generate an alarm when that person revisits the premise. One huge advantage compared to manual process is that the system will alarm everyone about the unwanted happenings. Also, there are other advantages that come with the system like it’s very easy and a fast method of security, it has low installation charge, has very advanced security which doesn’t even demand buddy punching, is very cost effective technology with low cost of maintenance, has everything automatic and thus, no need to maintain piles of log books. And for security purposes, you can make use of your visitor management system at any entrance of your place. It can be utilized as well in schools, office, home, museum and lots of other places.