What Is PASMA Training?

The Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association or PASMA is an industry association that concentrates on the safe use of mobile access towers. They aim to ensure the best practice in using scaffolding towers, and to this end, they accredit training centres and instructors so that they can provide PASMA training that ensures users are trained in the safe and reliable use of mobile access towers.

Mobile access towers are extremely convenient and may be the only means of gaining access to elevated platforms or working positions in certain conditions. However, their use does carry a number of inherent risks. There are risks that are always associated with working at height, whether on scaffolding or up a ladder, and there are also risks that are directly involved with the construction and safe use of the towers, specifically. For example, if a tower is not placed on even ground, it means that the user is at increased risk, and so too is anybody around the tower.

Because PASMA training courses can only be conducted by PASMA accredited training centres and tutors, it means that there are some companies and organisations that will only accept this training as a sign of competency to work with this equipment. If you do not hold a PASMA card, which shows that you have taken the training within the last five years, then you may not be able to get the job that you are going for. Some companies may accept other forms of card or proof that you can competently work with this type of access platform, but there is no guarantee.

PASMA training does involve the proper construction and destruction of the towers, but this is only really a small part of the overall training that will be received. You will be taught to identify any technical hazards that might exist, and you will also learn how to determine whether a mobile tower is indeed the best option open to you. Furthermore, you will learn the basics of safety required when working at height, in order that you can protect yourself and others around you from injury while the tower is erected.

The training course itself lasts for one day, and you will be taught to identify hazards, how to analyse the ground to ensure that it is suitable for this type of construction, and you will be taught to work safely at heights. You will be shown the most effective and efficient safety clothing and safety equipment, and as well as learning to identify hazards and potential problems, you will also learn how to mitigate for those hazards in order to ensure safety.

By the end of the course you will be expected to be able to erect a tower, identify hazards, carry out an inspection of the mobile tower, and you will need to sit a test at the end of the course. On the successful completion of the course, you will receive a PASMA card which is valid for a period of five years. Once those five years are up, you will need to take the course again in order to become recertified.

The Safety Maintenance Company offers a host of safety training courses, including PASMA as well as IPAF and other courses. They can train individuals as well as groups, so whether you want to enhance your employability or you want to train your employees, they can provide the training that’s required.