Understanding SEO: Black Hat Versus White Hat SEO

There are two major ways in which you can get your website the traffic it needs and better search engine ranks. The first type of SEO is the recommended techniques that are seen as part of a good design. These are what are known as white hat SEO. On the other hand, there are those techniques that are not approved by the search engines, in other words, black hat SEO. It is important to know the difference between these two techniques in order to do what you believe is right for your website.

White hat SEO

These are all the search engine optimization techniques that follow all the optimization guidelines set aside by the search engines. These SEO techniques do not involve any form of trickery. When using white hat SEO techniques, the search engines rank the same content that the people visiting the website will see. In white hat SEO, therefore, you will be creating content for your readers and not for websites. Here are some of the benefits that come with engaging in white hat SEO.

  • You are assured that the web traffic you get will result in returning customers. This is because the surfers will not end up feeling cheated when they realize that the displayed content is different from the actual web content.
  • You are assured that your website will not end up getting banned by search engines because of making use of unorthodox and unapproved web optimization techniques.

Black hat SEO

As mentioned, black hat SEO involves some form of trickery. The content that is made in black hat SEO is purely meant for the search engines. Some of the black hat SEO techniques include using hidden text. This text will receive a coloring similar to that of the background. Another technique is known as cloaking, whereby if a human visitor is trying to access the site, they will be directed to a different page. On the other hand, if a search engine is accessing, a different page will be provided.

While black hat SEO may have quick results in improving the website ranking, it leads to trouble in the future because search engines penalize these sites.

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