Tools Like Silver Siphon Help Make Xero More Flexible

The Xero online accounting system has been a real boon to many small business owners. Offering a lot of powerful functionality in an accessible, cloud-based form, it can greatly simplify what would otherwise be tedious or confusing bookkeeping and accounting tasks. One of the most impressive Xero features is the way that it integrates so smoothly with other, related digital tools, as by pulling in data from a range of separate sources.

Unfortunately, that basically simple, welcoming nature does mean that Xero can be a little inflexible. With an opinionated stance on how things are to be done, the system, it is only fair to say, works well for many of its users. For those who run into certain corner cases, though, it can suddenly come to seem a lot less satisfying.

One of the most common complaints of this kind is often heard from those who try to use Xero along with the payment system Stripe. While Xero will happily important data from Stripe, it does so in a way that can be difficult to work with for certain users. Instead of displaying Stripe transactions individually, Xero, by default, lumps them together into bundles that reflect the net for a given reporting period.

That works just fine for some users, but by no means all of them. For example, those who need to reverse a particular, individual transaction might be forced to manually untangle the imported data in order to put Xero back into alignment with the reality on the Stripe side of things. That can quickly become both time-consuming and frustrating, but there is fortunately a better answer.

As with many of Xero’s other warts, that answer comes from a third party. A tool called Silver Siphon allows Xero users to import Stripe data just as if it were a regular bank feed, with granular transaction data appearing by default. Simply by making use of that option, those who are otherwise satisfied with Xero and Stripe can therefore do away with what might normally be a fairly significant problem. While Xero itself might not always itself be flexible enough to suit everyone, there are therefore often some ways of improving that status quo.