The Power of 3D Printing at Your FIngertips

The advancements in 3D printing technology have advanced so rapidly, it is now possible for nearly anyone to have this type of product in their home. In addition to stand-alone printers, there are also 3D pens, a portable and easy-to-use implement that can turn any doodle into reality. There are many of these pens available, designed for different age groups and levels of artistic ability.

Pens made for children help to bring out their creativity in a unique way. It is a drawing tool that requires supervision with younger children, due to the heat required to melt the plastic. Older children will discover it is a simple way to design jewelry, gifts or anything they want. Newer models are reaching the store shelves that use LED lights rather than heat, making them safer for everyone, as well as producing less odor.

Basic drawing pens are available, as are professional models. These are already in use by architects, inventors and craftspeople. Some use the pens as a way to create a model that will provide an accurate representation of their ideas, in a way that no blueprint on paper or a computer screen ever could. Artisans are using them to produce one of a kind jewelry and artwork. They can even be used around the home to recreate a broken piece on a toy or make a replacement handle for a pot or pan.

How they are used, and how often, will determine what type of pens should be purchased. Some pens work faster than others, some use a higher heat. Certain models require specific cartridges of their brand-name plastic to operate, while others are less particular. There are, of course, models that also look better, are easier to hold and more durable.

To sort out which brands are worth purchasing, check out the 3d pen reviews 2015 guides are comparing. These reviews make it easy to see the pros and cons of each pen as well as learn what types of projects and age group the pen was designed for. Regardless of who will be operating the pen, the variety of options available make it possible for everyone to find the model that will match their needs.