The Most Essential Features That Make E-books Reader a Real Keeper

Call them a necessary replacement of paper books, or a sleek companion of its paper peers that accompany you during those long, tedious journeys, E-Readers, by all means, a necessity for the new age avid reader. However, in keeping with the mushroom growth of e-book reader companies, you might wonder whether you too should have one or not, in case you have yet not got your set. So what about having a little lowdown and a small discussion on what makes them special?


This is a publication file format that prepares ebooks. You can optimize the text in eBooks and change the typeface and font size as per your convenience. This surely gives you a clear advantage over PDF because with an e-book, PDFs show awkwardly; but ePub has been specifically designed and created for small screens.

Thanks to the ePub, you can read from a number of devices, including Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and not to speak of eReaders. In fact, it specifies, as well as documents a number of things that you need to include while publishing, such as, style sheets, content documents, media, scripts, images and others. You may find many people referring e-books as ‘website inside a box’. However, when you start using it, you will realize that it is more than what they say.

Expanded Formatting

Ordinary e-readers typically come with about 6 basic font styles and just 12 variations in their size. However, you might find it more convenient if you have a new age e-book reader that either allows you to load your personally preferred fonts, or get them to download online. Hence, while looking for a unit, you would ideally look for something allows you to enjoy the freedom of expanded formatting. In fact, you can now find sets that accommodate more than 150 formatting capabilities, not excluding CSS3 and HTML 5! Nevertheless, even then, the presently supported contents will keep on doing their job, try it to reap it benefits!

E-Ink Displays

Another important feature of a competent e-book reader is that it helps you to read for many hours, without letting your eyes get strained and suffer that ‘burned-off’ feeling, which typically results from the traditional harsh backlight. This is all because of the inclusion of the revolutionary E-Inks! With this reflective ‘ink’, the ambient light from environment reflects from the surface of the display of the user, right to the reader’s eyes, just in the way it happens with conventional papers. This stands quite in contrast to a traditional LCD screen, which comes with an emissive display. With these displays, the glow from backlight projects through the display, straight to your eyes, thus causes them to strain. E-Inks are also greener than typical LCD displays, as the latter consumes at least 40% of the total power that your set comes with.

Size Matters

Finally, with just about its 6 inches screen size, e-books fit right into your pocket (no pun intended). They literally come to suit every budget. Plus, their availability from reliable local dealers means that you can excuse yourself from buying cheap China products!