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In Need of an EV Charger? Here Are Some Things You Ought to Know

One of the biggest expenses one can have is from filling their car’s gas tank. As a matter of fact, there are some who just want to go using a cab instead of their own cars in order to save money. Can you imagine how much amount you can save without this expenses? This must be the reason why car designers have developed an electric vehicle.

The main thing that you’ll enjoy with this kind of vehicle is that no more with your huge monthly gasoline expenses. However, this kind of vehicle doesn’t allow you to travel long distances or charge longer.

With the increase of popularity of EV, battery public stations are becoming in demand. Some people completely rely on these stations, however, there are also some who find it good to have their own station at home. If you have your own, then you can just plug your battery at night. Before you are going to enjoy the convenience of having your own EV charger, you need to determine first how can you find the best one.

This is something that you should give much importance because you will find a number of choices in the market. Looking into the choices available will sure confuse you. And, the burden will become heavier when you are totally clueless on which to pick. So, here are some things you need to take into account before you go to the store.

Check the Cost

Just like any other chargers, the price will sure vary. If you are looking for an EV charger which is durable, then the price can play around $600 – $700. But, you can spend less or more. If you choose to spend less, then that may not include installation services. The price will go higher as its features will increase in number. So, check the features before deciding.

EV Charger Amperage Capacity

When it comes to the number of amperage the charger can handle, it should be at least 30. Thirty amp service will allow your car to run 30 miles in an hour.

The Right Length of Your Charging Cable

The place where you are going to park your electric car should be determined. After, know the exact place where to install your EV charger. Then, measure how long is the distance between your vehicle and your EV charger. Charging cables are not short since they often measure from 15 – 20 feet. Here, you have to ensure that it will not run short.

Other things you need to consider when choosing your EV charger is its portability and connectivity. Regardless of your choice, be sure that it meets your personal needs.