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The Basics of the Semantic Search Technology This time one can be using a PC or in the corporate hall with your very own PDA, searching online has been very vital in business and personal things, resulting to a commercial search engines that has been very common in most of the household names. In ranking the various web pages, search engines follow a distinct rules with the goal to be able to return on the important pages on top of the list to be able to do this they need to look for the location and the right words being used in a timely manner. In ranking the different web pages, various search engines follow a distinct set of rules with an end goal to be able to return in a relevant page on the top of the list, to do this they are looking for a location and the number of words and phrases. Keywords are all subjective to a well known linguistic genre that degrades the precision as well as the recall, Polysemy is one word with different meaning while the Synonymy is various words with other words that are giving an identical concept. There are three characteristics that are needed for the search engine to function well, it can be the maximum relevant function, minimum relevant information and the meaningful ranking in the needed result.
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Additionally other search engines uses Googles way in ranking which can be able to assess popularity by the various number of links that are pointing on the definite site. Votes are being cast through pages that are important which weighs heavily and helps other pages to be more important. LSI is the information method used for retrieval that organizes the HTML information leading to a semantic structure that takes advantage of the higher order associations of words with text objects.
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The resulting structure will then reflect on the major association of the data that can permit the retrieval of the latent semantic of the existing web documents comparing to the matched keyword. LSI offers the application method that can be well implemented, in semantic network the meaning of the content is much better represented and logically connected if it is being formed well. Semantic network based search engines suffer performance problems because of the scale of the large network the semantic search to be effective in producing results the network must then have a huge deal of information in a huge network makes hard paths produce good solutions. Most of the efforts on semantic based search engines are relying on the natural language processing technique in order to understand the different questions and style.