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Picking a Mobile Phone Service

Over the years the mobile phone market has been shifting. The overall mobile market is still growing and will continue to grow, however more and more people are getting away from traditional phone plans. Contract are being replaced by the cheaper and more flexible prepaid mobile phone plans.

The two basic types of mobile plans are postpaid and prepaid. With a prepaid plan you will need to pay for your minutes, data and text upfront. Postpaid plans will have you pay for all of your services at the end of each month. Postpaid plans will typical allow you a certain minutes, texts, and data you can use through the month anything used on top of that you will be charged extra. These plans and carriers will require a credit check and contract because you are using the service before you pay for it.

The mobile phone market continues to grow and it has grown each year since its inception. In fact over 80% of the population in the US uses a mobile phone. This trend is continuing to grow although the rate of growth has slowed in recent years.

Traditional postpaid plans have been the primary niche for the mobile market. Back in 2008 this niche market began to slow and take a step back. This year the major mobile carriers saw a new 60% decline in new customer additions for the postpaid plans.

While the postpaid mobile market was slowing the prepaid plan additions were growing. 50% of all new cell phone users were choosing to go with a prepaid service. This trend continued as the years went on.

Prepaid plans started out being more expensive than traditional plans but this has changed over time and now prepaid plans are significantly cheaper than postpaid plans. Prepaid plans now offer the unlimited plans that contract plans use to offer, contract have since gotten away from this making the prepaid plans for convenient and cheaper. The cheap cost of prepaid plans and the poor economy that we saw for a few years really helped the prepaid market.

A lot of people still prefer their mobile service to be with one of the major carriers and choose to sign contract that will lock them into the postpaid plans. The primary reason is that a contract service allows the consumer to get a cheaper cell phone, at least up front. Carriers will often subsidize the price of new cell phones when consumers choose to sign a lengthy contract. Prepaid plans cannot subsidize these phones so the same phone with a prepaid plan will be more expensive.