Studying and Hangovers Do Not Mix Well

Going out and partying is something young persons do when they are in college or, for that matter, in a number of other learning environments. Even someone who is involved in a semi-pro athletic training program may choose to have a “few cold ones” the night before a practice.

Things that seem like a good idea at the time have a tendency to prove to be bad ideas the next day. The unfortunate effect of a hangover may linger throughout the day and cause a number of unintended consequences. The consequences could be more far-reaching than initially believed.

No, these statements are not examples of alarmism or attempts to fear monger. They are made to point out some of the legitimate hassles a night of drinking could cause when a hangover impedes on cognitive function.

The Basics of a Hangover

One factor that contributes to a hangover is dehydration. Upon being dehydrated by the ethanol in alcoholic drinks, a person may wake up the next day with a major headache, dizziness, and other issues.

Studies claim dehydration is not the real culprit. Rather, the effects of alcohol on blood vessels, hormones, and more lead to hangover-oriented troubles.

Ultimately, there is a physical effect on the body caused by drinking. In addition, the mind may be hammered by the problems associated with a hangover. For a student who needs to study for a big test, hangovers are not exactly beneficial to the goals of higher education.

The Tough Calculus Class

A mid-term is looming. The examination is a major part of a calculus course. The course only relies on two examinations, a mid-term and a final, for the eventual grade. Calculus is hardly an easy course to pass. Answers must be precise. The answers are arrived at through carefully working out long and complex problems. Obviously, the mind has to be very sharp to handle tests of this nature.

The Lead Up to the Test

Few people would run out and drink heavily at a bar the night before a big calculus — or any other — test. Getting a hangover three or four days before a test is no bargain. Some purport doctor-supervised IVs the keys to hangover relief, but this is only possible when such care is accessible. Not everyone can visit a legitimate medical care facility offering such treatment.

Studying for a test requires absolute concentration. Anything that detracts from the studying is going to undermine the ability to be best prepared for the examination. Losing a few days of effective studying is never a good idea. The end result could be disastrous — a bad grade that drags down a GPA and may prove haunting for years to come.

Be Responsible

The best advice to give is to be responsible when it comes to mixing fun time and study time. Those who do end up with a hangover may have to deal with the consequences if things can not be safely alleviated.