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Important Features of Janitorial Software There are various companies, large and small that are now going for the janitorial software in order to reduce the costs and to manage their business. Many systems are able to help with inspections and the others take care of route tracking, job ticketing, client feedback and others. When you want to have several systems for different functions or you are looking for an all-in-on system, then there are several things that you should know so that you will be able to have the right one for your requirements. Together with the functions of the software, it is very important that you are aware of the tradeoffs and also what you wish to accomplish. You should check the cost and not only the price so that you will have a better idea if you must use the software or not. There are lots of software companies that will try to sell you on the concept that when you use their software, you will be able to win more contracts and also the profits and the business will grow. You should know that this is only a sales hype. The clients would just care of the cost in order to maintain their place and if you have provided the kind of services that they expected for the amount of money that they paid to you. When they are able to get a better price in a different company and the quality is not sufficient, then they will be looking for a different company. You should have a software that can help you get the job done and keep the costs in line so that you can stay in the competition and for your business to do well. Getting more clients will have to do more with your reputation as well as the sales staff instead of the janitorial software that you are using.
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A great thing about the janitorial software is that this is able to control inspections. Many of the janitorial software will take care of inspections. But, how they work will actually differ in a great way. When you would conduct inspections, this won’t just depend on the cost of the software but the time that it would take the employees to finish their inspections as well as accomplish the reports and show them to the right people.
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A janitorial software is also able to help you with time tracking and route tracking. Such things can keep you up at night so that you will know if the cleaners really showed up and have rendered a great job the clients. If they have not done this, then you can lose those important contracts. The software can also provide you with a good client feedback. It is an excellent thing that you monitor the staff to make sure that work is really done but if you also don’t monitor your customers, then you could also lose those contracts.