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Health and Safety Protocols Needed to Follow While Working in Risky and Hazardous Work Environments People always need to prioritize their bodies safety and health, so they should always focus on not getting into risky and dangerous situations, but there is also some work force that always place their own safety and health at risk since they are working in very dangerous and hazardous locations, that is why they are given the formal documented procedure for them to follow so that they can avoid getting exposed or at risk while doing their dangerous jobs, and that is generally called the permit to work system. Permit to work is simply to make a formal management procedure in order for them to control the dangerous and risky activities of the front workers, this will also ensure that the work they will be doing is properly authorized, it will also define the extent and nature of their work, it will also show the specific date and specific time and location of where the activities will occur, it will also notify the persons who have direct control of the industry to be made aware of the upcoming activity, and to ensure that extreme precautions will be applied and understood and that the equipment and materials will be properly returned to its safe location and conditions. The permit to work system is really beneficial and highly crucial to the safety and health of the front workers of a high risk and dangerous industries, this will give them some idea on the dangers and show them how to be more caution while working in their work stations, which is generally called site induction process. Site induction process is the procedure of making sure that the workers in a high risk industries are made fully aware and informed about the operation of the industry and of their responsibilities, site induction process mainly focuses in the terms of safety precautions needed to be upheld in the work site. They also should require the industry owners to support each worker that is under their direct control with proper and appropriate information, instructions and supervision so that the industry activity will be carried out with not problems, and without the risks to the worker’s health and safety. Site inductions is also very crucial for people or group of people who are visiting the industry work place to be upheld, the person in charge will have to explain to them the actual dangers and risk of their work place, and that he will also need to escort the visitors with proper safety equipment.

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