Ready for Anything: Reasons to Keep Cake Products on Hand

Just about everybody likes cake, and the ability to prepare one quickly comes in handy in a number of situations. In order to be prepared for just about anything, it pays to keep cake products from Hampton Creek on hand. Here are some examples of when reaching into the pantry and making a cake will be exactly what the individual wants to do.

Company is Coming

Old friends who have not been around for a long time are coming by in a couple of hours. While the house looks great, there’s not much in the way of something to serve during the visit. If there are products on hand to mix up a cake and some frosting without a lot of trouble, dessert with a little wine will be ready before the guests ring the doorbell. As a bonus, the house will have the aroma of a recently baked cake, something that will make it even more welcoming.

End of the Week Treat

Work this week was rough, and it would be nice to have something as a reward for making all the way through without saying or doing something that would be regretted later. Since the local pizza place has awful desserts, reach into the pantry and pull out a healthy mix. Enjoy a quick shower while the cake is baking, and settle in for a nice drink while it cools on the rack. By the time a favorite television show comes on, the cake will be ready to slice and enjoy.

Comfort for a Friend

A friend recently lost a loved one and quite a few relatives are coming in from out of town. Not having to worry about how to feed all those people will alleviate a lot of stress. Along with some other types of foods for meals, bake a cake for the friend. The gesture will be greatly appreciated during this time of transition and remembered fondly in the days to come.

Of course, there does not have to be a compelling reason to keep cake products on hand. The fact that they are there for use whenever the mood strikes is reason enough. Invest in a few essentials and grab a recipe or two for those moments when something a little extra would be nice. Whether alone or with friends, a slice of cake is always welcome.