Picking Between RC Cars, Helicopters, And Boats

Even if you’re an adult you can’t help but to love playing with remote control cars and boats. The companies that create these vehicles make them for both children and adults. There are even enthusiasts who have made a hobby out of collecting and modifying these vehicles. You can literally find thousands of models and extra parts online. Let’s take a look at a couple of different vehicles to see which one you may prefer.

Most people love playing with RC cars and trucks. These are typically three-wheel and four-wheel vehicles that can be used on or off the road. Although most of them are electric, you can find many that run on nitromethane fuel. The electric varieties are usually very affordable and inexpensive. The nitro models typically cost more because they have more features and are more sophisticated.

If you aren’t into cars or trucks, you may want to consider buying an RC helicopter. When it comes to RC helicopters there are regular helicopters, that use two rotor blades, and then there are quadcopters that each use four blades. RC helicopters are very popular these days because many of them are equipped with built-in cameras. Depending on the kind of camera your helicopter has you can live stream and record videos or simply take a few pictures.

For those who’d rather not travel by air or land RC boats are available as well. The best rc boats have powerful motors and propellers. The more powerful your equipment is the faster your boat will travel on the water. The more expensive boats have rechargeable batteries that last for several hours and are able to travel at speeds of 30 mph or more. Depending on the boat you pick you may be able to control your vehicle from several hundred feet away.

These are three of the most popular types of RC vehicles around. Although cars and trucks are very popular, and provide endless amounts of fun, more people are falling in love with RC helicopters and quadcopters. If you want to be more adventurous, you may want to consider one of the many RC boats that are available as well. Many of them travel very fast and can last for quite some time.