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What to Look for in a Janitorial Bidding Software If you are new in the business of janitorial services, you need to know how to bid for janitorial service contracts. There is a possibility of underbidding the contract and losing in the end, if you do not have any idea of how bids are to be made in janitorial services contract bidding. If this is the case, you should start considering looking for a janitorial bidding software to help you find a cost effective bidding program. It can be quite confusing to search the internet for janitorial bidding software with janitorial proposal features. Some janitorial software do not include janitorial service bidding and contract proposals. Make sure that when you do an online search you include the term ‘bid’ as in ‘bid software’ or ‘bidding software’. Then, you will only be given results for janitorial software that includes contract bidding and proposals. Make sure that the software you get is easy to use. There are two kinds that you can get, the simple spreadsheet software or an automated query-database program. The spreadsheet software is more flexible in tailoring you janitorial bids, and it requires a complete initial set-up. Much of the work for this software is done at the initial bidding data entry, and if you do it correctly the first time, it will be a breeze on your next contract. After initially entering the bidding data, the file is copied and saved, and if there are new contracts to bid for in the future, the same file can be retrieved and reused by simply changing or adjusting the data in the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet software is not expensive compared to the rest but it is also the least automated.
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This Excel based spreadsheet program can easily be learned especially if you already have basic Excel skills. Entering data in a spreadsheet is a simple thing to do, so using this software is not really a problem for any. Always save and back up your files after entering important data.
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The janitorial program you are considering should have the features or capabilities given below. Check if it has the capability of having janitorial bids customized with all the important details. The software should be able to save spreadsheet files which can be reused and modified at a later time. The overhead costs of the business should be included into the bid. The bid should also include the cost of janitorial supplies. It should also be able to include workloads of different cleaning tasks into the bid. There should be a custom bid summary for each customer or account. An editable sample janitorial proposal template should be included in the bidding program. If your bidding software contains all these useful features, then you have found yourself a good software you can use on your next janitorial contract bid.