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This 12 months’s version of the annual compendium of schooling statistics contains more than 100 charts, 150 tables and hyperlinks to a different 150 tables on line. Within the year 1794 becomes Secretary of the Consulate of Buenos Aires, since which firmly encouraged widespread schooling and financial reforms. In 1810 it was a part of the Patriots who needed the emancipation of the Spanish in Argentina domain, and became member of the Revolutionary Authorities Junta. Within the last months of 1813, the Spanish in Alto Perú (now Bolivia) defeated him, and in 1814 he turned command general José de San Martín.

On October 15, 2013 released their eleventh Studio album, Sure, that it is their first single and who stood in the number one within the charts for 2 consecutive weeks, getting the gold disc in the first week and Platinum on the third disc. He turned a staunch defender of the social theories of French thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Through the second world warfare he left experimental psychology and tried to understand the causes of hatred, prejudice and battle.

This Decree is rejected by the Catholics and atheists , but the French leader nonetheless had the assist of Sans-Culottes (lower courses) of Paris and was elected President of the Nationwide Convention in June. Shortly after the delivery of his son Alexander, working on trade, until the National Council of education awarded him an appointment. Since then divided between training and Professor of Declamation at the Teatro Infantil Municipal Labardén and at the National Conservatory, the place he served till his final days. He determined to stay within the French capital, where he started to write prolifically.

Nationalized Spanish in 1993, provides, since January 1996, to its activity as a plural writer Member of the Royal Academy, where he had entered with a discourse on Azorín. Most essential distinctions awarded – solely amongst those granted to Spanish literature – include the premio Rómulo Gallegos (1967), the Prince of Asturias (1986), shared with Rafael Lapesa , the planet (1993) with novel Lituma in the Andes, and the Cervantes (1994). His administration was energetic and progressive, extended trade, improved transport, favored immigration and promoted training.

In 1947 the Inter-American Conference of training established September 11 as Pan American instructor’s day, in tribute to its figure of educator. In 1921 he was appointed by President Obregón Secretary of training for 3 years, till his confrontation with him and his subsequent exile in United States, carried out ‘a true nationwide campaign’ in favour of well-liked schooling. It did the whole lot attainable to foster indigenous schooling, the agricultural, the method and the urban; It created networks of libraries, cultural missions, regular faculties and town homes, which became primary education centres.