Learning Design Self-taught

Now a lot of people who want to learn self-taught design, because a design is indispensable for every occasion. The design is a draft or an outline of a thing, a sketch or idea before making anything. For example, in the construction of a building, there must be an early draft in the form of sketches drawings made by the architect. So also in the making of a promotional or advertising media, there is always a sketch and storyboard before the media campaign was in production.

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It is useful to minimize errors during production, the sketches we can make corrections if an error occurs. In this article, I want to share with friends how to learn to design a self-taught, without school. Actually, to master a course design software takes time and perseverance, everything is nothing is instant. I want to share initial steps that can be done even do not have basic knowledge of design.

Firm intention want to learn design
Ever heard the hadith that reads “everything depends on the intention”? Yes, it is true if we want to learn the design, we must have a genuine intention to run, because if his intention is not unanimous, the resulting outcome would not be maximal.

Starting from a simple software
Start by choosing a design software that is simple, easy software for the design, I recommend starting from CorelDraw and Photoshop first. This software is the software used for beginners who want to learn to design professionals who have advanced. CorelDRAW is used to design two-dimensional visuals, such as posters, catalogs, pamphlets, brochures, and banners. Another case with Photoshop, the software is very effectively used for photo editing, although it could also be used to create a media campaign such as posters and more.

Find tutorials on the Internet
Now we can find anything on the internet, including design tutorials on Youtube, I had several times upload design tutorials on YouTube and I think YouTube is already quite full, all the tutorials there, we stayed to sort out which are easy to follow

Start making objects easier
Begin to make the project easy first, do not be in a hurry to make a tough, because if we start with the objects that easy, we will learn to design a self-taught gradually from the bottom, everything has to be strong from the bottom, like a building should has a strong foundation, as well as in study design, we have to master the basics of the design in advance, so no hassles if later worked on the design difficult.

Join the community

Gabunglah communities to design, if it is difficult to find it offline, then look on facebook, many design groups, we can learn from fellow community members, usually, they will provide helpful suggestions for us. Just ask what we want to know.

Ask the expert
If you have friends who know about the science design, please do not hesitate to ask him, because the study of design on YouTube will be different it feels when we see a friend demonstrating directly in front of us, on YouTube we can not ask directly if there is what one less thing we understand, if the person in front of us, we are free to ask anything.