Integrating Software into a School Platform

Effectively running a school requires a unique approach. Creating a solution that caters to the school’s needs can be difficult. Factors such as school type, the divisions within the school, as well as the school’s specific needs all come into play. Integrating a software that is geared towards K-12 schools can help school staff across several platforms. Sift through less than reliable programs by looking into the features that come available with the software. With many benefits to be gained, schools are advised to consider all of their options and select one that can be customized to fit their needs.

Companies such as specialize in software for educational institutes. By understanding that all schools are unique and require different assistance, students, staff, and parents are all able to benefit more through the software. Schools are able to streamline several areas of their school through the various products. Software programs include:

  • Timeclock – A program that allows users to quickly and effortlessly clock-in. Through the flexible platform, all staff can input their data. Payroll information can be directly linked and seamlessly provide accurate reports.
  • – An online tool that allows parents to make payments for lunch accounts, activities, and fund raisers. Other functions are available including payment history, view detailed reports of lunch fees, and automatic payment. Mobile applications are also available.
  • PASS – Use a centralized database and keep student records up-to-date and current. Regular reports are generated and requires minimal maintenance. Customize the software in various ways to ensure the full benefit of the software is gained.
  • eFORMAT – Give parents an easier, more convenient way to submit forms including discounted lunch applications and student registration.
  • SDMS – A database management system that can be used within a browser. Stay current with school news, updates, changes, and important dates. Information can be transferred between schools and districts. Flexible features provides users with more capabilities.

Make the process of running a school easier by implementing a variety of software. Programs are designed to meet the needs of a school and can help enhance the school experience for everyone. Keep the benefits of the parents and students in mind when selecting a software.