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Five Things to Ponder on Workplace Safety Management Safety management is a serious matter that needs certain behavioural rules in humanity in order for the process to be developed. If you ever violate any of the rules you made, you will just waste your chance in having a safer workplace. The rules may sound simple but once you have the application, you will realize that it has a very big effect on the human behaviour. Consistency The consistency of a person applies to different situations wherein there is a very profound effect on the behaviour of that person. Once you are consistent, your words become believable and convincing, therefore making you a trustworthy person. There should be a demonstration of a person’s consistency. Take for example when you speak up on a safety briefing telling the audience that an accident should not be blamed to anybody – your words are reflected on your behaviour as well as the parties involved when you are involved in the event of an accident.
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Repetition Helping your message across would mean using a repetition. Being repetitive means ensuring that your safety message has been delivered properly to all employees. You need to remember that safety management is a process and not an event. In order to create consciousness, spending at least five minutes of safety briefings in the beginning of work shift is advisable. This is like sports wherein a team discuss about their game plans prior to the game. Staffs will be most likely willing to contribute as long as you are able to deliver your safety briefings in a very relevant and interesting manner. Common sense This is also considered to be relevant for workplace safety management. If the safety regulations and rules are not acceptable to the common sense of the people, they will not comply. That’s why staffs’ participation is very vital to the safety management. Involvement If you get yourself involved, you are considered to be the key to safety management. In order for you to gain control, you need to show control. Those people who are more close to working with safety practices are the ones doing the safety management. The important part is for the employees to contribute. If you ever ignore this principle, then you are also ignoring the practice of safe working place. Positive reinforcement Your number one tool for safety management is the positive reinforcement. If your goal is to really have a safe workplace, then act right now by recognizing the safety behaviour. You might also want to find people every day to be your contributors to promoting safe workplace. Yes, it is it hard but you can always seek for alternative to make it easier. You can also give rewards to those employees who have been promoting safety management so that they will continue doing it.