How to Find the Balance Between Overly Monitoring your Kids Social Media and Being Uninformed

It appears that social media is here to stay. For the most part, this is not a bad thing. It helps friends and family stay connected even if they live across the country from one another, or even across the world. You can quickly find, and get back in touch with old friends from your childhood, or high school days. However, there is a down side. This down side often has to do with teens, and tweens. Even adults do not always make the smartest choices, so how can you expect those in the tween, and teenage group to always make good ones. These kids need protection. Fortunately, parents have a great option. MamaBear helps protect kids on Instagram.

Mamabear is an app that you can download for either Apple, or Android. It allows you to monitor what your children are doing on Instagram, and other social apps. By installing something like this, you are allowing your child the freedom to explore social media. They can post selfies, they can post their favorite quotes, and stay connected with friends, and classmates. You can make sure that your child is not engaging in risky behavior. You can make sure that predators are not targeting your child. This is a winning situation for both parents and children.

Something else that you can do in order to help keep your children safe on the Internet is to talk to them. Tell them about the dangers of giving out their personal information. Remind them over, and over again. Remind them that unless they know a person in real life, they really have no idea who they are talking to on the Internet. That cute 16 year old boy that wants to get together, could very well be a forty year old man. Let your child know that giving out personal information will automatically result in their accounts being deleted.

Of course, as parents you do not want to make your child fearful. However, you do want to instill in them proper safety procedures for social media sites, and the Internet in general. By allowing them some freedom to use these sites, you are letting them grow. While monitoring their freedom, you are keeping them safe, and giving yourself peace of mind.