Gain Insight and Time with Your Data

You probably have all the data you need to predict trends and make strategic plans that will help your business grow in the coming months and years. You have been collecting data all along so you can use it to your advantage and, yet you are still unsure of what to do next. That may be because your data is stored with different providers. You used a Google application for that project last week and a communications application online for the report to the shareholders on Monday. You worked with a partner who used some other social media application for the collaboration two months ago. No wonder you can’t get a concise picture of your data. It is everywhere.

There is now a way to integrate all your data directly into your QlikView or Qlik Sense applications using a connector called QV Source. It pulls your data from all your storage providers and presents it to QlikView or Qlik Sense in organized schematics. This allows you to use those applications more efficiently to gain insights and cross reference data more easily. You can take control of all your data from every source and have it work better for your business purposes. You can check out all the details at and see how it can for you. This will save you time in preparing, analyzing and reporting information. It will also save you money. Right now, you are incurring the cost of coding multiple connections. You will no longer have to do that with QV Source.

You can also utilize the consultants at Quick Intelligence to help you get the most from your Qlik applications and develop new solutions for your business. Training is also available that can be customized across industries to focus on your data, the applications you use and your specific challenges. You can use them for a day or a project and be charged a flat rate. Support for QlikView, Qlik Sense, QV source and related products is also available in packages affordable to small businesses. You can make your data work for you in more ways than you thought possible.