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Different Methods in Which Lost Data Can be Recovered It is a common thing to accidentally lose data or information from electronic gadgets such as phones and computers. This article is going to discuss the loss of data from both phones and computers and how to recover it. Recovery of sd files such as photos and documents is easily thus there is no need to worry over the lost data. The first step of phone data recovery involves switching off wifi and internet connection in case the phone is connected to any. Wifi and internet automatic update is avoided by disconnection. After disconnecting the Wifi and internet, what follows is connecting both the phone and computer which is done by use of USB adapter. After connecting the two, a data recovery software is downloaded using a computer and saved in phones storage memory. Once the software is downloaded, the sd cad should first be formatted or copy the contents of the sd card to another storage such as computer. Run the software through the phone to recover any lost data and then copy paste the transferred files in case they had been saved elsewhere. Similarly, phone files can be recovered by fetching a data recovery phone application. It is necessary to review and research on the quality and properties of a data recovery software or an application so as to determine how safe it is so as to prevent the phone from crashing. Secure transfer of data in a different device is important as one will not have to undergo the whole process again in case the data disappears once again.
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The other equally important thing is recovering lost data in computers which is a bit different from that of phone. The common accidents with computer data is failure to save documents or files while shutting down a computer, accidental deletion of data, malicious infection of VIRUS or accidental computer crash . Setting of windows backup is important in that it helps in retrieving of the deleted data. The “backup and restore” option directs the steps taken in data recovery.
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Easy recovery of unsaved document is simpler so long as the version of the word allows for autorecover. Nevertheless, an attempt to recover the unsaved document can be futile if the recovery process is not carried out immediately. An inexperienced person may not be able to recover lost data from a crashed computer on their own hence the need to consult with computer experts. Files infected with VIRUS should be scanned in order to recover them back. To conclude, it is good if we pay attention to our operations in computer or phone so as to avoid accidental loss of data or files that we badly need.