Do MBA with Clarity and Sincerity of Purpose

An MBA is a serious investment of time and money, which puts added pressure on the aspirants to get it right the first time. However, with so many business schools to choose from, the process could become a bit overwhelming at times. There are a large number of inferior quality management institutes for every one or two good management institute. When you are aware of the fact that a bad choice can deliver a death blow to your career aspirations, you will naturally be under extra pressure to make the right choice the first time.

Choosing the right MBA program at a business school known for developing competent graduates, is a daunting challenge for any would-be MBA candidate. The complexities involved in choosing a right MBA program, and a business school in fact, is not that hard to decipher when you realize that an MBA is the sum total of myriad number of diverse factors. As an MBA aspirant, wishing to study in top management colleges in Delhi NCR, or for that matter anywhere else in India, you have to grapple with issues of business school location, placement opportunities offered by it, ranking of the business school, ROI offered by it, its curriculum, tuition fees, culture and ethos among other different things.

These all mentioned factors should play a key role in your MBA selection process; it is important because MBA is not only about attaining a management degree at the end of two years, it is the total experience that you accumulate during the duration of your course that is going to matter most in your profession life.

Some of the important factors to consider while applying for best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR or anywhere else in India or abroad are mentioned as following:

First and foremost you need to find yourself truthfully answering the question– ‘why do you want to do it?’ As mentioned above, you can derive many substantial benefits from an MBA program conducted by a top rated institute, but what is the single most important thing you wish to extract from your hard labor that an MBA application process usually demands.

Do you wish to gain a holistic perspective of the business world? Do you want to acquire new skills and acumen which will help you discharge you managerial roles with aplomb in complex international settings? Do you want to expand your business network or are you looking for a complete career change. Do you want to change job function or industry or you just want to obtain your MBA degree from a well-established business school for financial gains?

Whatever be the motive or reason for you wanting to do an MBA, it is of paramount importance that you need to reflect on your true motivation because this is what the admission people want to know from you. Remember that admission to an MBA program of a reputable institute is three stage processes—written test, group discussion and then personal interview. Failure at the last two stages can severely dent your chances of securing admission despite doing exceptionally well in the written tests.

It is therefore important that you need to be sincere with yourself about your primary purpose for pursuing an MBA. Clarity of purpose and a well-defined sense of direction will enable you to convince the interviewers about the genuineness of your desire for doing an MBA.