Data Recovery the Easy Way

Many people have had their work, photos and documents either deleted accidentally or wiped out in an equipment failure. This can be devastating for a lot of people. In most cases, the data can be recovered. In the event of data loss, there are some things you should do before attempting file recovery procedures.

The first thing you should do would be to stop using the device. If you deleted files by mistake, you may be able to use software to recover lost files. When most operating systems delete a file, the only thing deleted is the pointer to the actual data. Chances are your data are still on the device and have not yet been overwritten. The more you use your system the higher the chances that deleted data will be overwritten. If your data was deleted by a security wiping utility, then the chance of recovery will be zero.

The three most common types of data loss include Operating System failure, disk level failure and user error. The technique for data recovery will depend on the type of failure that has occurred. Recovery operations can range from simple software solutions up to clean-room operations. Obviously, the clean-room solution can be very expensive.

Operating system failure can occur in many ways with the most common being file system corruption. In a Windows 7 environment, the NTFS or New Technology File System writes information in a journalized method to your primary hard drive. When Windows suffers problems in booting up due to misconfigurations or driver issues, one can simply by using a live CD recovery tool to copy the needed files to an external devices.

Disk level failures can occur when the file system has been corrupted or the boot sector is damaged, thus preventing Windows from mounting or recognizing the disk. The recovery methods in this type of situation can either use a boot-able CD with a file system repair tool or you will need to send the device to a clean room for repair if the firmware or logic board has been damaged.

The best way to prevent data loss would be to back up your critical files onto an external device or media like DVDs. For simple recovery of deleted files, there are plenty of tools available for you to use. Sites like can help you find the best software to use.