Can You Really Afford to Opt Out of Remote Email Delivery Service?

Many business managers pass up on remote smtp email delivery options, thinking, “Hmm, I can’t legitimately justify outsourcing my email server or needs.” This is especially true of large corporate management environments (they are always late to catch on to innovative best practices anyway.) In reality, you “should” make every effort to outsource your email, according to the experts at ZDNet.

The key to why you should outsource your email deliverability services lies in the term “mission critical.” Most businesses suggest this is precisely the reason to avoid outsourcing, as email content contains “Trade Secrets” and is therefore “Mission Critical,” and should therefore remain an in-house process.

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The Problem with This Train of Thought

So, because email may contain these all powerful trade secrets, as a business you should foot the cost of expensive servers, Microsoft exchange applications, office storage or more? According to ZDNet experts, this is a “Get Real” situation. How many emails do you really send out with highly sensitive information? Additionally with the equipment, firewalls and security measures outsourcing associates are currently using, it is highly unlikely that any email can be hacked (at least no more so, than if you perform your email servicing in-house.)

What an Outsource SMTP Email Delivery Service Can Offer

Transactional email delivery does all the hard work for you saving you money in equipment costs and maintenance, and best of all in the IT man-power hours needed to run your in-house email server. Email delivery service offers you all the power of a high-level email server without the hassle. It is just as secure as your in-house system (maybe even more so in certain cases) and much cheaper to use. Where can you go wrong here?

Email Deliverability Success

Additionally, an outsourced solution offers you more options when it comes to email delivery tracking, increased email deliverability and offers installed app email deliverability options. These are all features that are more difficult and more expensive to integrate into in-house systems.

Disaster Protection

Outsourcing your email server also offers added security in disaster protection needs (something only 30% of all businesses consider.) Disaster recovery should be something all businesses of every size should consider and plan on, especially now that we have seen so many natural disasters hit. The last thing you want to do is lose all of your email, contacts, information or more, as a result of flooding, earthquakes or fires. Even your in-house back-ups could disappear, if the whole building disappears.

To prevent this from happening, a reliable partnership with an outsourced associate can be your best “backup” for disaster. An outsourced email deliverability option ensures you keep your email contacts, calendars and email information content safe from any fire, flood or natural disaster because the information is kept off-site; meaning this is the first thing you can restore to your operations, and within just a few minutes.


There seem to be a lot more advantages to outsourcing transactional email deliverability than there are to running an in-house email server which can cost thousands of dollars, compared to the few hundred a year, you spend on an email partnership contract. It may just be time to sit up, pay attention to this new innovative way of managing business email delivery processes.