Are You Analyzing All Your Data?

Analyzing data gives you an overall picture of the success of your business. It can show you where growth occurred and where sales or services could use a boost. It helps you to evaluate your employees and you business practices. You rely on data analysis for a lot of information. Are you sure you are analyzing all your data? Have you pulled data from all your sources? Is there something online that you forgot to include? These questions are more relevant today than they were ten years ago or even five years ago. Today, businesses use many online providers to gather and store information or data.

Applications online such as Twitter, Facebook, Klout, Share Point, Sentiment Analysis and Google Spreadsheets store your data as you use them. Many other applications do the same thing and, if you like many businesses, that means you have data all over the place. You are covering the cost of coding multiple connections, and implementation of reports can be a time intensive nightmare. 

You need a tool that can pull your data from all resources and present it to your QlikView or Qlik Sense application in a way that makes sense. Once there, you can put it through sentiment analysis, cross reference it and make it work better for your business. QVSource is a tool that gathers your information from all your online sources and integrates it into QlikView or QlikSense. You can be sure you are looking at all the data and get better insights into your business strengths, weakness, and trends. You already have the data so you may as well get the most information you can out of it.

You can better measure progress and start to forecast your business future. Strategic planning becomes more comprehensive, and you can see where your business needs to place valuable assets to move forward. You can go from just keeping afloat to competing on the global stage when you analyze data more efficiently and completely. You may want to take a close look at the time and money your business is spending on gathering and analyzing data. A tool that can cut down those costs and allow you to better utilize the data you have collected may be a prudent and fiscally responsible thing to consider for your business.