3 Reasons to Use a Reverse Caller ID App on a Smart Phone

Caller ID allows those receiving a call to know the name and number of the party calling before answering the phone. This technology was initially released for consumer use in the late 90’s, and since has seen many changes and advancements. The invention of cell phones has revolutionized the telecommunication industry, as most individuals no longer have a standard landline, but opt instead to use their mobile device as their primary form of communication. Most cellular companies do not offer a dynamic caller ID service that also includes the parties name. Cell phone users are instead left to use a third-party application on their mobile device. Here are just a few of the many reasons to use a reverse caller ID service.

Text Message Integration

One of the newest forms of telemarketing is through text messages. Companies acquire a person’s phone number and then send them text messages that advertise services. Some text messages also contain links that are used to maliciously obtain information from the receiving party. A reverse caller ID app will provide the name of the person or business sending the text, and allow a user to identify spam messages more quickly.

Avoid Telemarketers

Even though text messaging is a new form of telemarketing, some companies place calls as a way of selling or advertising services. A reverse caller ID app will provide information on the number calling and make it easy for the receiving party to identify potential sales calls and reject or block the communication. This can save on minutes and reduce the number of interruptions a person receives over the course of the day.

Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Individuals who pay bills late or may have delinquent accounts know how frustrating it is to receive calls from collection companies on their phone. These can be avoided easily by downloading an application that provides real-time caller information. The name of the collection agency will appear on the screen, and allow the user to reject the call and avoid harassing bill collectors.

Cell phone users owe it to themselves to download a reverse caller Id app for their phone. It can significantly reduce the number of harassing and telemarketing calls received, and give the user control over the calls they take. Get more details from Callersmart and see how they are helping mobile device users take back control of the calls they receive and accept.