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Factors that Affect the Cost of Getting a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is a lot that a new paint job shall do for your house. But prior to such work, you have to be clear on the costs involved. There are certain things that determine the kind of prices you will pay for such work. Here are the things painting contractor look at before giving you an estimate.
They will look at the size of the house. The bigger the house, the more you will have to pay. There is also a look at the surfaces, which can drive up the costs. The wall will not be expensive to paint, but when window sills, doors, baseboards, and other surfaces are added to the job, it becomes expensive. They also, look at what stuff they have to move. If there is lots of furniture to move, they will ask for more money. A multi-story building will also be trickier to paint on the exterior, thus increasing the total on the estimate.
They then look at the composition of the exterior of the house. The more difficult to manipulate the surface shall be, the more work they will have to do on it. Where there are walls made of brick or stone, you can expect a lot of prep work, primer and paint to be needed, thus more expenses involved. Where there are different materials used on the surface, there will be more work and expertise needed, thus more costs involved.
There is also the selection of the paint to be bought, apart from the amount needed. There are different costs per each brand out there. An excellent painting contractor shall go for high-quality paint, which shall not be cheap. If this drives up the costs too high, you can negotiate with the contractor to use other more affordable brands, provided there is no significant loss of quality. If you want amazing work that will last longer, you will have to allow them to use the best paint. There are also other painting accessories you have to factor in the costs, such as the plastic for covering the floors and furniture, painter’s tape, masking paper, solvents, and others.
There is also the expense of labor. You will be charged for the man hours and for how complex the painting work shall be. Complexities arise where they need to do texturing, carpentry, and detail work, prep work, replacement of rotten wood, and other things to get a good surface for painting.
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